2012 - 2013 Program


Ange Loft (Montréal), Leroi Newbold (Ontario), Kesso Saulnier (Montréal), Walter K. Scott (Montréal), Adee Roberson (États-Unis), TextaQueen (Australie), Curator: Elisha Lim (Ontario)
August 10, 2012 to August 19, 2012
Montreal has a reputation for creative resistance. This year, 2-qtpocmontréal proposes to push this legacy further. Proudly dedicated to 2-spirited, queer and trans people of colour, 2-qtpocmontréal is an art show, a lecture series and a revelation, looking at the history of 2-qtpoc in Montréal. 2-... {read more}



Sam Kinsley (Nova Scotia)
August 24, 2012 to September 30, 2012
In her drawings and installations, Sam Kinsley creates systems of inscription to represent the numbers that are used—by the state, by banks, by civic institutions, and so on—to identify or describe her. These systems, which govern the repetition of simple actions over a long period of time,... {read more}


Micah Lexier

Joshua Schwebel (Montréal)
August 24, 2012 to September 30, 2012
So the time has come for disclosures, and I must confess that I am not entirely prepared.Disclosures always bring with them a disappointment of expectations, a disenchantment. Disclosure forces us into an encounter with reality, with things as they are, instead of things as they might have or could have... {read more}


Saveur de sagesse

Risa Hatayama  
September 09, 2012
In 1995, the Canadian federal government made the second Sunday of September Grand-parents’ Day. Even seventeen years after its inception this celebration remains unknown to the majority of Canadians.  Meanwhile, as issues surrounding the aging of the population capture more attention, it appears... {read more}


Esconden vos childrens xata: a conversation on the collaboration of nadia granados and jamie ross

Nadia Granados , Jamie Ross
September 26, 2012
First Dogs, Now This is a collaboration between multi-disciplinary artists Nadia Granados (Colombia) and Jamie Ross (Montreal), on the occasion of Granados' invitation to Canada for the Rencontre Internationale d'Art Performance 2012 (Espace Le Lieu, Quebec City). The two began a creative collaboration... {read more}



October 01, 2012 to June 30, 2013
articule showcases one video a month from October to June “Just a few glimpses of a star at home” – this is a pithy description that sums up a series of videos by Pedro in which an anonymous person alone - or almost - constructs a universe from intimate, everyday moments that oscillate between pathetic... {read more}


Tidal Force

October 04, 2012
articule is proud to partner with Cinéma Excentris for the presentation of Tidal Force. This video programme examines the forces of attraction and repulsion, currents, fluctuations that inform our environment as well as our mental landscapes. Using poetry, documentary and humour, the artists contemplate... {read more}


Territorial Re-Marks Montréal - Montréal-Brooklyn

Jérôme Havre (Montréal), Michelle Lacombe (Montréal), Emilie Roz (Brooklyn), Patricia Smith (Brooklyn)
October 19, 2012 to February 02, 2013
Organised in collaboration with : Centre CLARK, Optica, Les Territoires, Galerie [SAS], Galerie de l’UQAM, MACM, Galerie Division, Parker’s Box, Front Room Gallery, A.I.R Gallery, Causey Contemporary, Residency Ulimited & Interstate Projects, Smack Mellon, Pierogi 2000, Momenta Art,  ... {read more}


Monitor 8 : New South Asian Short Film and Video

December 07, 2012
articule is proud to collaborate for a second year with SAVAC to screen Monitor 8: New South Asian Short Film and Video. The Monitor series is an annual short film and video screening program that showcases new and innovative work by artists from Canada and internationally. Monitor is a... {read more}


Something pour quelque chose

December 08, 2012 to December 09, 2012
 Come support local artists and artisans as well as articule! This a winter fundraiser event for articule artist run centre. SOMETHING FOR QUELQUE CHOSE WILL FEATURE:- 12 artists and artisans!- Silent auction!- Hot soup! from Ta Chido- Gift Wrapping!- Musical performances!


Soup and Stain

Jenna D. Maclellan (Montreal)
December 08, 2012
 jenna dawn maclellan, Janna Maria Vallee and Lauren Osmond, of SCRATCH invite you to an afternoon of sipping soup and staining silk at articule. Using dye plants which were harvested from articule’s outside planter, participants will learn about the magical and practical world of natural... {read more}


Power Play

Philippe Allard (Montréal)
December 10, 2012 to December 22, 2012
For a two weeks period, Philippe Allard will work at articule to the production and installation Power Play, a new project that highlights economic instability by transforming a material that’s usually used to serve political ends. The gallery will remain open to the public who will have the... {read more}


HB no.1

January 06, 2013
HB is a magazine, a gallery on paper, a platform—a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary drawing. Our intention is to showcase the work of key arttsts who have left a mark on the art world and who continue to shape it ; the work of young artists whose practices show promise, and impress ; the work... {read more}


Living in 10 Easy Lessons

Linda Duval (Saskatchewan), Peter Kingstone (Ontario)
January 25, 2013 to March 03, 2013
Living in 10 Easy Lessons is a video installation consisting of ten short single-channel videos, posters, and a pamphlet, all of which are based on interviews conducted by Linda Duvall and Peter Kingstone with women whose work is street-related.This project explores the invisible skills that these women... {read more}


The Ins an Outs of Framing

Graham Hall
February 02, 2013
Members and friends are invited to attend a workshop on the ins and outs of picture framing with senior member, artist and professional framer Graham Hall.  Graham will run down all the information you need to know in order to have your work framed appropriately, from stretching canvases to dry-... {read more}


Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement

Patricia Pérez
February 03, 2013
This two hours workshop seeks to introduce artists from all disciplines to a series of movements, sequences and exercises to prepare the body and the mind for the process of exploration, creation, production and post-production. Whether it is for the visual arts, literature, performance, music or theatre.... {read more}


Soup & the sweet science of bruising

Samuel Garrigó Meza
February 21, 2013
  Boxing, cruelest of sports, organized hurt, anachronistic spectacle of ritualized brutality, is scrutinized and appraised in a 12 round slide presentation. Jack Johnson's crossing of the Colour Line in 1908, Muhammad Ali's opposition to the Vietnam War, Kim Duk-Koo's death in the... {read more}


Choose your own adventure

March 09, 2013
Art practitioners and theorists discuss the career avenues open to a young artist, the players that influence his or her choices and the process of locating and assuming the artist's role in contemporary Canadian society.Panelists : Samuel Garrigó Meza, Aj Korkidakis, Rio Mitchell, Candace Moers,... {read more}


The See

Jessica MacCormack (Montréal)
March 13, 2013
A long time ago in a place where all was not understood, not a thing made sense and I was very much smaller than everyone else.Where landscapes disintegrate and bodies fragment, where the surface is shinier, a distressed narrator struggles to form a sense of self. If i were a dog... but i'm a fish.... {read more}


Par Armure

March 15, 2013 to August 24, 2013
More than a defensive carapace, an armour is an assertion of intent, a display of willingness to enter battle, and an exhibition of allegiances. For this year's Members' Show, members have been invited to create wearable art pieces that reflect important themes in their work. They've been... {read more}



Karine Bouchard and Sachiko Sumi (Montréal), Robb Jamieson (Montréal), Denis Lessard (Montréal), Chloé Roubert (Montréal)
March 29, 2013 to April 14, 2013
Definitions change, boundaries move, the continents of the mind keep drifting. How can we fleetingly reconstitute, connect, and rearticulate this unstable but yet, tremendously vigorous world? Because uncertainty and doubt are all stimulants, the anti-curatorial project Springtemps invites you to bounce... {read more}


Soup and Sex

Skye Maule-O'Brien
April 01, 2013
  Dick Love: A discussion on positive masculinity that breaks fromhomophobia, violence and misogyny.Discussion with Skye Maule-O'BrienSkye Maule-O’Brien, will share some of her own experiences and thoughts around masculinity from her sexy sex positive perspective. Aided by a provocative... {read more}


For my Dad

Sherry Walchuk (Montréal)
May 03, 2013 to June 09, 2013
After years of going to K-Mart every day after he finished working, it seemed appropriate for the old man to die there. It was in the jewelry section in the centre of the store, where his heart stopped beating for good. Ever since his dad died at 60 of a heart attack at K-Mart, he thought that he would/... {read more}


Nightmare Induction

Noxious Sector  
May 18, 2013
“Nightmare Inductions” uses self-hypnosis techniques to lead audience members on a guided meditation in which their teeth fall out. Trance induction sound techniques and ghost hunting equipment will provide a soundtrack for the experience alongside the hypnosis script. The performance is imagined as an... {read more}


Montréal Monochrome?

Pierre Beaudoin (Montréal), Charmaine Nelson, Ph.D (Montréal), Karen Tam (Montréal)
May 24, 2013
From immigration has emerged greater diversity, and from this diversity were formed new identities. This has made Montreal among the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, a rhizomatic city ceaselessly encountering other cultures within an ever changing globalized world.Montreal’s municipal... {read more}


Rotation, Rotation

June 21, 2013 to December 23, 2013
The most festive garage sale in town! A fundraising event for articule that happens every second to last weekend in June.We accept donations in the form of forgotten treasures, gently used goods, and curious things. All unsold items is given to charity.


Champs de lys

Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf (Montréal)
June 30, 2013 to August 25, 2013
For articule’s storefront window, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf will showcase a collection of fleur de lys flags as well as objects bearing its effigy that we commonly find in dollar stores and pharmacies around the time of Québec’s national holiday.These poorly made objects flaunt the symbols of... {read more}


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