Talks and Workshops

Legal workshop on public art

The topic of this workshop is: public artThe workshop will be given by: Me Kerry WilliamsFree admissionMe Kerry Williams will give a one-hour presentation and answer your questions in a convivial environment.The Montreal Artists Legal Clinic (CJAM) is a non for profit organisation dedicated to offering... {read more}



Is Arts & Culture an Ally of Poor People?

Emmanuelle Jacques (Montréal)
The first Mile End Art Map (MEAM) was made in 2007 by artist-run centre articule, in order to highlight and promote the diversity and vitality of the neighborhood, especially in terms of its independent arts and cultural spaces. Since then, Mile End has become an essential touristic attraction and a haven... {read more}


Soupe Souper Supper!

Soupe Souper Supper!

Morgan Sea (Montréal)
Everywhere you look these days, there are super-heroes to be found, on the tv, in the movie theatres, in comic books… everywhere! But have you ever thought to yourself, ‘what is this superhero stuff really all about?’ Like many folks, you probably don’t have the time or humility to... {read more}


Montréal Monochrome?

Montréal Monochrome?

Pierre Beaudoin (Montréal) Charmaine Nelson, Ph.D (Montréal) Karen Tam (Montréal)
From immigration has emerged greater diversity, and from this diversity were formed new identities. This has made Montreal among the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, a rhizomatic city ceaselessly encountering other cultures within an ever changing globalized world.Montreal’s municipal... {read more}


Choose your own adventure

Choose your own adventure

Art practitioners and theorists discuss the career avenues open to a young artist, the players that influence his or her choices and the process of locating and assuming the artist's role in contemporary Canadian society.Panelists : Samuel Garrigó Meza, Aj Korkidakis, Rio Mitchell, Candace Moers,... {read more}



Soup & the sweet science of bruising

Samuel Garrigó Meza
  Boxing, cruelest of sports, organized hurt, anachronistic spectacle of ritualized brutality, is scrutinized and appraised in a 12 round slide presentation. Jack Johnson's crossing of the Colour Line in 1908, Muhammad Ali's opposition to the Vietnam War, Kim Duk-Koo's death in the... {read more}


Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement

Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement

Patricia Pérez
This two hours workshop seeks to introduce artists from all disciplines to a series of movements, sequences and exercises to prepare the body and the mind for the process of exploration, creation, production and post-production. Whether it is for the visual arts, literature, performance, music or theatre... {read more}


Atelier : Les secrets de l'encadrement

The Ins an Outs of Framing

Graham Hall
Members and friends are invited to attend a workshop on the ins and outs of picture framing with senior member, artist and professional framer Graham Hall.  Graham will run down all the information you need to know in order to have your work framed appropriately, from stretching canvases to dry-... {read more}



Soup and Stain

Jenna D. Maclellan (Montreal)
 jenna dawn maclellan, Janna Maria Vallee and Lauren Osmond, of SCRATCH invite you to an afternoon of sipping soup and staining silk at articule. Using dye plants which were harvested from articule’s outside planter, participants will learn about the magical and practical world of natural... {read more}




Ange Loft (Montréal) Leroi Newbold (Ontario) Kesso Saulnier (Montréal) Walter K. Scott (Montréal) Adee Roberson (États-Unis) TextaQueen (Australie) Curator: Elisha Lim (Ontario)
10-Août-2012 - 19-Août-2012
Montreal has a reputation for creative resistance. This year, 2-qtpocmontréal proposes to push this legacy further. Proudly dedicated to 2-spirited, queer and trans people of colour, 2-qtpocmontréal is an art show, a lecture series and a revelation, looking at the history of 2-qtpoc in Montréal. 2-... {read more}



Public Forum on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montréal

17-Mai-2012 - 20-Mai-2012
As part of International Digital Arts Biennial organised by Elektra (ACREQ)A collaboration between articule and the Artifact Institute, this interdisciplinary event will explore perspectives on the consumption, use, disposal, repair, re-use and obsolescence of electronic equipment. The forum will consider... {read more}



Soup and script

Mary Stockland
 TAKE UP THE PEN: A HANDWRITTEN WORKSHOPHandwriting is second only to the voice as the indelible mark of personal expression. It is the result of muscle movement physically pushing a tool across a surface and leaving a mark. However, some might argue that because our sophisticated typing machines... {read more}


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