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Annual Programming Booklets 1997-2004

September 01, 2004
From the start, articule has been dedicated to the production of publications that extend our program of activities into the arena of historical and theoretical discourse. Some of our publications include an annual Programming Booklet with visual documentation and short bilingual texts tracing all the... {read more}




June 01, 2001
Artists: Ingrid Bachmann, Jo-Anne Balcaen, Pierre Beaudoin, Mathieu Beauséjour, Catherine Bodmer, Derrick Currie, Loly Darcel, Andrew Forster, Trevor Gould, Peter Hobbs, Jonathan Inksetter, Nicole Jolicoeur, Shelly Low, Susie Major, Alain Martin, Monique Moumblow, Monika Napier, Lorraine Oades, Yudi Sewraj... {read more}




January 01, 1998
An interdisciplinary artist and writer, Laiwan presents a complex and evocative puzzle in which we attempt to identify the many intricate and intimate layers. This 46-page monograph is intended for artists, students and researchers interested in interdisciplinary artist Laiwan's ideas, spaces and... {read more}




Toby MacLennan
September 01, 1994
Stories, visuals and an interview inspired by the film component of artist Toby MacLennan's installation How Will I Know That I'm Here. In collaboration with Burning Editions, 1994ISBN : 0-9698320-0-1Sold out



Freda Guttman, Annie Martin, Dagmar Dahle, Laura Millard

May 01, 1994
This 32-page publication evolved during the planning of four exhibitions which were held at articule in the spring of 1994 (Freda Guttman, Annie Martin, Dagmar Dahle and Laura Millard), and grouped to give way to any connections that might arise between them.ISBN : 2-920306-04-9for sale at 5$


Justice in the Flesh

Justice in the Flesh

Lani Maestro (Montréal), Mindy Yan Miller (Montréal), Baco Ohama (Montréal)
January 01, 1994
Curated by Stephen Horne, Justice in the Flesh is a 24-page catalogue to accompany the exhibition of the same name, in which three artists, Lani Maestro, Mindy Yan Miller and Baco Ohama, focus on works incorporating practices of the self, bringing the self back to the body, back to embodied subjectivity.... {read more}




Michael Fernandes
March 31, 1992
Michael Fernandes' installations and audio works could be described as having no centre. If there is a centre it may not lie within the work and it will not be found through analysis. Approaching this work requires that we challenge the way that we think. Welcome, a 56-page publication, comprises a series... {read more}



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