VIVA! Art Action 2013  Robin Brass (Saskatchewan) Carlos Martiel (Cuba/Argentine)
  • VIVA! Art Action
     VIVA! Art Action
01 Oct 2013 to 05 Oct 2013

As part of the 4th edition of VIVA! Art Action, articule is proud to present performances by Robin Brass and Carlos Martiel. Emerging from a collaboration between seven artists-run centers from the region of Montreal, (articule, Skol, Centre CLARK, La Centrale, DARE DARE, Praxis Art Actuel, OBORO, Verticale), VIVA! Art Action is an international event presenting the effervescence of live art practices from quebec and abroad.

Live art is a thriving aspect of contemporary visual arts culture. This interdisciplinary, or “undisciplined,” lesser-known art form can be characterized by the essential physical presence of the artist during a performance, gesture, or public and participatory intervention; it is typically ephemeral and changeable, and unfolds in the “here and now.” Be it orchestrated or improvised, subtle or direct, sometimes provocative and uncomfortable, live art encourages us to critically reflect on our behaviour, culture, and contemporary societies.


Robin Brass is from Peepeekisis First Nation, Treaty IV Territory, plains of North America. She is co-founder of Sâkêwêwak Artists' Collective, Circle Vision Arts Corp., Red Tattoo Theatre Ensemble, and Sâkêwêwak 's Distinguished Storytellers Series (Now the Storyteller's Festival), which brought together Indigenous artists, scholars and traditional knowledge keepers in a unique programming forum privileging Indigenous Languages & methodologies. Robin moved on from community organizing in the arts several years ago and focused on teaching (mostly on reserve communities for First Nations University of Canada) and 1st person research in Indigenous cultures. 


Carlos Martiel (born in 1989 in Havana) graduated in 2009 from the National Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro", Havana. He has presented several solo exhibitions in prestigious venues, including the Nitsch Museum, Italy; LUX Theatre, Guatemala City; Project Room, Ecuador; and the “Wifredo Lam” Contemporary Art Center, Cuba. He has also participated in the international performance biennial “Deformes” (2012), Santiago de Chile; the Eleventh Havana Biennial (2012), Cuba; the 6th Liverpool Biennial (2010), United Kingdom; and Biennial Pontevedra XXXI (2010), Galicia, Spain. He received the "Arte Laguna" award, Venice, Italy (2013) and the “Close Up” award Vallarta, Mexico (2012). In 2009, he obtained the residency "Parties Prenantes", Paris, France.



Carlos Martiel (nacido en 1989 en La Habana) Graduado en el 2009 de la Academia Nacional  de Artes Plásticas  “San Alejandro”, La Habana.  Del 2008-2009 cursa la Cátedra “Arte Conducta” dirigida por la artista  Tania Bruguera, La Habana. Entres sus principales exposiciones personales se encuentra “Vanishing Point” (2013) Museo Nitsch, Nápoles, Italia; Curaduría: Eugenio Viola.  “Hijo Prodigo” (2013), Teatro LUX, Guatemala City; Curaduría: Edna Sandoval. “Mares” (2012), Project Room, Quito, Ecuador. “Simulacro” (2012) Centro de Arte Contemporáneo “Wifredo Lam”, La Habana, Cuba; Curaduría: Arlén LLanio. Ha participado en: Bienal Internacional de Performance Deformes (2012), Santiago de Chile.  Oncena Bienal de la Habana (2012), 6th Bienal de Liverpool (2010), Reino Unido.  XXXI Bienal de Pontevedra (2010), Galicia, España. Recibió el Premio “Arte Laguna” Venecia, Italia (2013). Premio Close up Vallarta, México (2012). En el 2009 le fue otorgada la Residencias “Partes Prenantes”, Paris, Francia. Su trabajo se ha exhibido en Cuba, Italia, Estonia, Liverpool, España, EE.UU, Senegal, Argentina, México, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Francia, Alemania, Bilbao, Polonia; Grecia entre otros.


We thank the Canadian Arts Council for its support.

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Participating Artists: Robin Brass (Saskatchewan) Carlos Martiel (Cuba/Argentine)

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