Versus: Imaginary Cartographies in Urban Space  Franco Tiradores
  • Versus : Imaginaires des cartographies dans l’espace urbain
     Versus : Imaginaires des cartographies dans l’espace urbain
09 Dec 2010

In line with feminist theorist Chandra Mohanty’s idea that «a place on a map is also a space in history and a perspective on knowledge», Projet versus is a theoretical and artistic reflection on cartography as a system of signs and images that precede spatial, cultural and historiographic realities.

This reflection/instigation takes the form of visual interventions in the urban landscape, a dynamic field in which artistic expression can insert itself into the public’s quotidian experiences as well as its perceptions of the city, the world and Others. Since Auguts 2010, the Franco Tiradores have moved through Montreal’s streets armed with brushes and wheat paste to affix 100 pairs of silkscreened posters onto urban properties, covering an area 10km in diameter that radiates from Saint-Laurent boulevard.

For the duration of an event, the Franco Tiradores solicit an audience to whom this type of practice speaks to share their reflections, their experiences intervening in public space, to announce their upcoming artistic collaborations (Bogota-Colombia and Vitoria-Brazil) and to invite Montreal artists to contribute to the project during the summer of 2011.

To keep with the spirit of Project Versus, the Franco Tiradores have called out to the collective château-vacant to participate in the preparation of this event. While performatively recreating the urban universe, the event will alternate between moments of discussion, the unveiling of collaborative works, and furtive metaphors on the subject of the cartography.


The Franco Tiradores are an inter-(in)disciplinary collective born in 2010 that brings together the thoughts of an anonymous Colombian, a MA candidate in political science at UQÀM with a specialization in philosophy and post-colonial studies, and an anonymous Frenchman, a visual artist and designer whose process is derived from individual and collaborative site-specific projects in public space.


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