Silent Citizen  Bambitchell (Toronto)
17 Oct 2015 to 15 Nov 2015

"Canada needs to select immigrants who are ready, willing and able to fully integrate into Canada’s labour market and fill gaps in our economy, particularly where we have existing skill shortages. Applicants … are assessed on factors such as their education, their work experience, age, and language abilities[1]”. These language abilities are at the heart of Bambitchell’s Silent Citizen, which reflects on the use of language to deter access to immigration while silence, in juxtaposition to the spoken word, is materialized in the ‘obedient’ proper citizen and mobilized to ensure an ordered society.

Bambitchell’s work tackles issues such as citizenship, border politics, mobility justice and processes of colonization. In this exhibition, the viewer is encouraged to participate in French and English tests which appear on a screen similar to that of a karaoke video. The work provokes questions around the absurdity and banality of both the system of testing and the content involved in immigration procedures.

Bambitchell is the artistic collaboration between Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell. They have produced mixed media installations since 2008. Their practice uses queer and feminist frameworks in order to reimagine borders, historical patterns of movement and mobility, labour, migration and memory. These frameworks, often showcased through irony and a camp aesthetic, invite nuanced and complicated re-workings of images, architectures, language, sound and bodies. Both Bamboat and Mitchell have independent art practices and are members of the Pleasure Dome Experimental Film & Video Programming Collective.

[1] The Government of Canada, “A Fast and Flexible Economic Immigration System”.


Participating Artists: Bambitchell (Toronto)
Credits: Bambitchell, 2015.    
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arrow_rightBambitchell Vernissage
Friday, October 16, 2015 - 19:00

It is with great pleasure that articule invites you to the opening reception of Bambitchell's new project, Silent Citizen. Free entrance and warm ambiance. articule's gallery is wheelchair accessible, but...
02 Oct 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightBambitchell Discussion
Friday, October 16, 2015 - 17:00

articule has the pleasure of opening the exhibition Silent Citizen by Bambitchell (Toronto) with a discussion between the artists and Nazik Dakkach (Montreal), articule's former Programming Assistant, at 5 PM....
09 Oct 2015   |   [comment_count]  


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October 16, 2015

Bambitchell is the moniker for the collaborative practice of Toronto-based duo Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell. Together, they are a powerhouse of wit, melancholy and critique, creating prints, video and... Aditi Ohri | Bambitchell | Silent Citizen
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