Scaremins, theremins!  
  • Scaremins, theremins!
     Scaremins, theremins!
30 Oct 2009

Following a mini-theremin making workshop organized by Pop Symposium, articule invites you to a one of a kind celebration of all things spooky! Get dressed up and join us for a horror-filled evening; a bubbling cauldron of scary sounds and images cooked up by articule's very own Outreach Committee and members. The event will include a live musical performance by participants of the theremin workshop- the eeriest of all musical instruments, the launch of our newest ghoulish t-shirt by Jim Holyoak, sweet scary prizes for best costumes, dace party and many more surprises that lurk in the dark...



workshop description: The theremin is one of the earliest electronic instrument and consists of two metal antennas which sense the position of the player's hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude (volume) with the other. In this workshop organised by Pop Symposium and hosted by articule, musician and theremin enthusiast Adam Waito and DJ and soldering-superstar David Shaw will lead participants step-by-step in making their very own pitch-only theremin.

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