23 Oct 2010

LETTRES/LETTERS functions as a printed exhibition by bringing together artworks rather than documentation. By doing so, it asserts the need to rethink the established paradigm of going to a space in order to experience artworks. Resulting from the research of new means to disseminate contemporary art, this book attempts to overwrite delineations between disciplines and establish connections between isolated milieus.


LETTRES/LETTERS features the works of eleven artists that explore the book and text through various lenses. This is achieved by dealing materially or conceptually with notions such as the relation between text and image, the printed matter, narration and the book as object.

The included artists were invited to consider the book as a place, medium and concept for creative production. LETTRES/LETTERS presents their projects in a publication therefore situated somewhere between an artist's book and a critical or documentary publication. Their works inhabit the book, referencing it directly or adopting one of its countless manifestations - from philosophical tome to zine. By taking advantage of an object generally considered structured, nomadic, lasting and legitimate, they appropriate, revise, deconstruct, alter, and acknowledge it; yet they are also in dialogue with one another.


Co-directed by Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte & Anne-Marie Proulx

Featuring works by Fiona Annis, Claire Dumoulin, Nadège Grebmeier Forget, Jim Holyoak, Jp King, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf, François Morelli, Hayat Najm, Sabrina Russo, Adam Sajkowski and Étienne Tremblay-Tardif.

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MAAM would like to acknowledge the support of articule (Special projects), Médiation Sophilex, and from Concordia University : Fine Arts Reading Room, Fine Arts Student Alliance, Department of Studio Arts, Concordia Council of Student Life, Concordia University Alumni Association and VP Research and Graduate Studies.

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