Drift line - Members' show  
16 Jan 2010 to 02 Feb 2010

Drift Line is an articule Special Projects initiated exhibition, the first event of its kind in the 30-year history of the gallery. Composed of three consecutive segments - Private beach, Member's beach and Public beach, the three-week programming is linked by spatial intervention by Special Projects in which the gallery floor is resurfaced with sand. This material, and all its references, therefore becomes the theme and context addressed by the variety of works presented by curated artists, gallery members and the larger public. 

For the Private Beach, the Special Projects committee invited artits Martine Viale and Marilyn Arsem to create new works in response to the “beach”. The outcome is a three-day programming of durational performances.

The Members' Beach is the second edition of articule’s annual members’ exhibition. Showcasing the works of over 20 active members, the exhibition reflects the diversity of our community and includes performances, video, painting, print, sculpture, installation and sound work. In addition, this year’s edition includes a zine produced by articule’s Writers’ Club- a satellite venue for text-based works penned by our talented members. 

The exhibition ends with the Public Beach, a three-day period in which Special Projects invites the general public to respond to the theme and context as they see fit. From lounging in the sand with friends to using the space to present thematic artwork or performances, the beach is available for personal use. Public Beach concludes with an articule open screen event, a unique opportunity for the public to screen complete or in-progress video works.


Private Beach

Last Chance
by Marilyn Arsem

How much remains?
Will there be enough?
Will I make it?
Will we survive?

Determination in the face of futility.
Hope rather than despair.


Marilyn Arsem has been creating live events since 1975, ranging from solo performances to large-scale works incorporating installation and performance.  She has presented work at festivals, alternative spaces, galleries, museums, conferences and universities throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America.  Arsem is the founder of Mobius, Inc., a Boston-based interdisciplinary collaborative of artists.  She is a full-time faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she teaches performance art, and is a graduate advisor.



By Martine Viale

As in a collage, in this action/intervention Martine Viale combines several short and sensitive actions into an overall image. As part of an ongoing reflection on the sense of time and presence as a site for engagement, she proposes a progressive unfolding  in which the body and the space are gradually transformed. 


Martine Viale is a Montreal based performance artist. Her work addresses the principles of time,

metamorphoses and the fluidity of identity. She has performed in numerous performance art festivals, galeries and in situ context in Quebec and Canada, as well as internationally in New York, Boston, The Philippines, France, Belgium, Serbia, Glasgow, Scotland,  Spain and Denmark. 


Member’s Beach

Exhibition will include works by Marie-Claire Chabauty, Elsa Charpentier, Rachel Ni Chuinn, Dider Delfolie-Noulin, Louise Dubreuil, Nicole Fournier, Andrew Frosst, Graham Hall, Jerome Havre, Mathieu Jacques, Edwin Janzen, Sarah Knight, Denis Lessard, Eric Létourneau, Jenna Dawn Maclellan, Riaz Mehmood, Natalie Olanick, Jonathan Plante, Carl Ruttan, Yasha Stewart, Zoe Stonyk and Steve Topping. Project descriptions and bios will be available on site. 


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