Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement  Patricia Pérez
  • Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement
     Body and mind harmony: A Workshop on Movement
03 Feb 2013

This two hours workshop seeks to introduce artists from all disciplines to a series of movements, sequences and exercises to prepare the body and the mind for the process of exploration, creation, production and post-production.

Whether it is for the visual arts, literature, performance, music or theatre. Each exercise and movement sequence is meant to bring forth energy and the care necessary to the creating and creative artist. The artists participating will be made aware of various practical exercises promoting balance, weight transfer, muscular toning, and the natural rhythm of the body through various breathing techniques (passive, dynamic and meditative)

Finally the workshop will be an opportunity for the a collective creative gathering as well as for exchanging ideas while practicing and being introduced to some Capoeira moves while signing!

The workshop will end in relaxation, with stretching and breathing techniques allowing the body to become familiar with the exercises it will have learned.

The workshop is open to all and no previous training is requires. It is however strongly recommended to dress comfortably.

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Participating Artists: Patricia Pérez

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