Micah Lexier  Joshua Schwebel (Montréal)
  • Micah Lexier
     Micah Lexier
24 Aug 2012 to 30 Sep 2012

So the time has come for disclosures, and I must confess that I am not entirely prepared.

Disclosures always bring with them a disappointment of expectations, a disenchantment. Disclosure forces us into an encounter with reality, with things as they are, instead of things as they might have or could have been. I always feel exposed in these unavoidable affairs. Exposed, and then unwanted, forlorn… my fantasy couldn’t endure and I must make do with those who will accompany me past who I say I am, or who I fashion myself to imitate.

I confess that I appropriated Micah Lexier’s name, CV, portfolio and career to accompany an application for an exhibition at articule without Micah’s knowledge or consent. My (Micah’s) application was accepted, and so, the exhibition (exposition) came to be.

Sincerely, Joshua Schwebel


Joshua Schwebel (b. 1980) is an emerging artist currently practicing in Montreal. He completed his MFA at NSCAD in 2008. He has exhibited his work across Canada, most recently a solo exhibition at Galerie Sans Nom, in Moncton April-June 2012. He has pursued residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, in 2010, and at the Couvent des Récollets in Paris, France, 2011. Currently, he is the recipient of a Development Grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Québec. Upcoming will be a solo exhibition at AKA in Saskatoon, 2014.

The artist wishes to thank Éric Lamoureux for his precious help with translating the documents of this project.


Participating Artists: Joshua Schwebel (Montréal)
Credits: Image : Joshu Schwebel, 2012    

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