Je me souvenir  
25 Feb 2011 to 06 Mar 2011

This clumsy twist of the Quebec motto, half way between the two Canadian official languages, amalgamates slightly different meanings as well as brings unity. It gives space to our memory treasures, allowing the gathering of all kinds of traces to feed and acknowledge our memory on its sensible paths. It also associates with tacky knick-knacks collected on our journeys abroad, or pop trademarks, all sorts of material translation of our passages in certain times and spaces. This theme of the souvenir is here expressed amid oneself operational memory process. The «Je me souvenir» or «I, into my memory» is one’s own voiced private relation to the past, to an experience or an object. This inherent relation to experience occurs on an ongoing process whether we want it or not. It’s made of us, with us and without our knowledge. Everyone holds a plurality of memories. But do we really get to choose? This advocates that we can either choose but then also refuse, and then abolish, demolish or reconstruct. And then, there’s the other side of the memory: oblivion... It’s with this proposal that members of articule were asked to join in the annual members show. Each with its own practice was invited to propose its perception in relation to souvenir. A diversity of mediums and languages could in this context, take place. We also propose a gathering of souvenirs –or memories- event, where each members and visitors can bring in a personal and valuable souvenir to be displayed at articule’s space for the time span of «Je me souvenir». With this, we hope to create a collective collection, a common memory for a «Je nous souvenir»...


Artists: Soufia Bensaïd, William Brewer, Didier Delfolie-Noulin, Nicole Fournier, Graham Hall, Jérôme Havre, Ed Janzen, Sylvie Laplante, Denis Lessard, Skye Maule-O'Brien, Natalie Olanick, Carl Ruttan, Adelaide Simon, Steve Topping, Clement Yeh


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