Call for Submissions

  • Call for Submissions for 2019-2020
     Call for Submissions for 2019-2020

Call for Submissions

2019 articule Members Exhibition: SITUATE

Deadline: January 19, 2019

Exhibition: March 2 - 10, 2019

Opening: March 1, 2019


In order to submit, you must be an active member at articule : by completing four hours of volunteer work and attending one general assembly within the same programming year, or by attending two general assemblies within the same programming year. The annual membership fee is $1. If you have any questions, get in touch by sending an email at


We can think of the many ways our lives are determined by place and how we inhabit it: in our minds, in our bodies, in our collective identities. Place is both a definable physical area and an action we take. How can it be a beginning for our conversations and our practices?


In this call for submissions we ask you to consider how your practice relates to the places you are, have been, or imagine for the future. You may take this as an open and expansive suggestion, as provocation to consider contemporary experiences of displacement or replacement, or as a more explicitly political word which holds in itself the colonizations, appropriations, and reclamations of this land where articule is situated.


Imagining articule as a meeting place which is both implicated in territorial loss and which provides a space for dreaming and refusal, we hope this exhibition is an opportunity to consider local history in its many variations.


Questions: What knowledge do we need to live here? Who is at home? What do we assume? What is a necessary resistance? Why should we adapt? What is shared? What are our limits? How do we construct and reconstruct the space for who we are?


The exhibition will span 8 days and will host a complimentary session of workshops and performances. You are invited to submit up to 3 existing, in progress, or future projects.

We are open to all propositions , including: workshops, installations, sculptures, drawings, paintings, videos, performances, etc.


Your submission must include:


A short biography (max. 50 words)

Title of the work

Description of the project relating it to the theme of the members exhibition (max. 500 words)

Technical requirements for each work


If this is a physical piece: please include the dimensions of the project and the technical requirements. If you already have a piece to present, you can also submit a maximum of 5 digital images (JPG files no larger than 500 KB or 1024x768 px)

If this is a workshop or a performance: please include a description of the content as well as how you plan to present it.

We invite the selected artists to film themselves or to be filmed by another member of articule while in the creation process. The video footage should be sent to us and will serve at once as archives and as narrative content for the length of the exhibition. Specific guidelines will be sent after the selection.


Please also answer the following questions (with YES or NO):


1. Would you be comfortable filming yourself, or to have someone film you, while in

the creative process?

2. Would you be comfortable to film another artist during their creative process?

3. Would you be comfortable having video footage in which you are present being

projected at articule during the exhibition?


The documents mentioned above must be sent no later than January 19, 2019 to:



Special Projects



For over ten years, articule has been presenting public interventions, live art projects, happenings, new artistic practices, as well as public talks, workshops, video/film screenings, etc. through its special projects programming. We invite artists and people working in other fields to question with us what is undisciplinarity today. How, by example, do we draw the line between art and community or activist projects, between aesthetic, political, scientific, or philosophical research? How are these limits transgressed? Projects can happen at the gallery, online or off site. We are also open to collaborations with other organisations. In order to respond quickly to proposed initiatives, the committee will meet regularly throughout the year to review submissions.

Support by articule for special projects can take many forms: promotional and logistic support, access to the center’s equipment, administrative infrastructure, venue, and financial support. People with an idea they would like to discuss and develop further with the committee are also invited to do so.


Proposals must include:
- curriculum vitae
- a clear description of the project (max. 2 pages)
- a global budget with details on how articule’s support will be used

Visual support material
- supporting material (including one or more of the following)
- maximum of 20 digital images (on CD) or slides, clearly identified
- maximum of one DVD (max.10 min.), clearly identified
- a website
- any other document you consider pertinent to your submission
- a descriptive list for the visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)
- a self-addressed, sufficiently pre-stamped envelope if you want your
supporting material to be sent back to you

If you submit digital images please comply with the following guidelines: - compatible with MacIntosh OS 10.4 and OS 10.5
- jpeg format suggested, do not exceed 1 MB or 1024 x 768 pixels
- identify each image with a number and a title corresponding to the descriptive list

Please send your submission to:
Mailed-in dossiers that are not claimed or not pre-stamped will not be kept.


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