Soup and Song

Soup and Song  Marie-Desneiges Stockland (Montréal) Max Kelly (Montréal)
06 May 2011

The practice of collective singing for pure enjoyment has always been present in human culture. Though it has faded somewhat from public life, it hasn't disappeared completely.  We still mark special occasions with communal song: 'Happy Birthday', or 'Auld Lang Syne' are examples which come to mind easily. There are chansons-à-répondre, rounds/canons, drinking songs, skipping rope songs, campfire songs, work songs, national anthems and sports chants - songs which are intricately connected to the shared events of our daily lives. It's also just a lot of fun. 

This collaborative, bilingual audio-presentation, led by artist-musicians Marie-Desneiges Stockland and Max Kelly, will center around the act of communal singing;  we will discuss its relationship to time, place and nostalgia, as well as present songs born from different cultures and locations. And of course, we will also sing together.  Sheet music will be provided, as well as soup from Santropol Café.

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