Walk the Alley - Day 2

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Le Mile End s’articule is articule’s annual summer outdoor community arts festival, held in the alley next to the centre, during the famous ROTATION! ROTATION! garage sale. 
For this summer’s edition, with the support of the Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal, the garage sale itself serves as inspiration for a weekend of eco-friendly textile art and design. Around the theme of re-use, re-invention, and recycling, festivities will include a fashion show, a day of workshops and activities, an outdoor art installation, music, fun, a bar and food!


Saturday, June 17

J. Ellise Barbara
Sof Silva

1-7 pm Tisser son quartier, Atelier PocWoc
public art installation and intervention
workshop from 1pm to 1:30pm 
1-7 pm Alley Tapestry, Sophia Borowska
tapestry workshop
1-3 pm Cycle-Recycle, Pandora Hobby x La ruche d’art (Bibliothèque Mordecai-Richler)
weaving workshop
1-3 pm Minuscules, Floriane Davin 
sculpture workshop with found objects
3-5 pm Re-mask, Ileana Hernandez
paper mask-making workshop 
3-5 pm Épingle le beau, Ge L’Heureux
pin-making workshop (limited quantity)
5-7 pm Beading with Cedar, Cedar-Eve Peters
beading workshop



1-7pm Tisser son quartier, Atelier PocWoc
public art installation and intervention (workshop from 1pm to 1:30pm) 
With the interactive installation “Knitting your community”, we are inviting neighbours of all ages to participate in the creation of collective art pieces through a simple act : KNOTTING! We have sculptures ready to be dressed and hope that you will give it your special touch. The final pieces will be donated to neighbourhood organisations to decorate our community spaces.
Atelier PocWoc is a collective of multidisciplinary, multiethnique artist-architects dedicated to pushing the boundaries between art and architecture. Through design, we hope to build our practice responsibly from a foundation that centers the values of sharing and community.  
1-7pm Alley Tapestry, Sophia Borowska
tapestry workshop

Tapestry is an ancient form of communal image-making. The city too is a communally-created space, and alleys especially bear the traces of individual contribution. Through this workshop, we will create a tapestry inspired by the textures of the alley. An official demonstration will begin at 1pm, with additional demos by drop-in all day.
Sophia Borowska is a Montreal-based artist and researcher working in fibres, sculpture, and installation. Her work questions the potential for control in architectural and virtual spaces through textiles and the manipulation of threads. She holds a BFA from Concordia University, and has exhibited work and research across Canada.
1-3pm Cycle-Recycle, Pandora Hobby x La Ruche d’art (Bibliothèque Mordecai-Richler)
weaving workshop
All material supplied. We will demonstrate the variety of materials created through the reuse and assemblage of plastic films and tarn (t-shirt yarn). After a short introduction, participants will build a crocheted basket or add to a collective woven work with recycled materials. Fast fashion and waste may be mentioned. 
Pandora Hobby is a Montreal fibre artist who has worked with community organizations such as Images de Femmes, Le Milieu, Galerie Mile End, La Ruche d’art Bibliothèque Mordecai-Richler, la Ruche d'art St. Henri, and The Fabric Lab. She the brainstorming for the exhibition La forêt enchantée to celebrate Earth Day. Having worked in education, community, and art, through integrated workshops over the years she has found a myriad of potential relationships help build understandings of how we can all visualize the future. This is Pandora’s third year participating in Le Mile End s’articule.
1-3pm Minuscules, Floriane Davin 
sculpture workshop with found objects

“Empty your pockets” and gather all these small, useless or obsolete, objects in order to give them a second life. By altering details and contours using colours, assembled shapes reveal abstract sculptures. While references to art history are numerous, the most important aspect is the playful experience where the participant no longer sees everyday objects through their utility but rather through their aesthetics.
Floriane Davin is a young multidisciplinary artist whose practice is situated between stillness and movement, presence and absence, figuration and abstraction. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, in France and elsewhere. 
3-5pm Re-mask, Ileana Hernandez
paper mask-making workshop 
The masks will be inspired by gods and goddesses of joy, pleasure, fertility and celebration of the North American First Nations cosmologies. Through the use of masks, participants will be able to eliminate stereotypes and choose the state of mind they want to have during the event (by choosing the corresponding god or goddess). For all ages.
Ileana Hernandez is an multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. She completed a BFA at Concordia University with a major in Studio Arts in 2014. She is co-founder of art duo ¡A MANO!. Her works have been exhibited in Cuba, Argentina, Finland, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Montreal.
3-5pm Épingle le beau, Bagel Heureux
pin-making workshop (limited quantity)
You are invited to create an illustration on paper with wooden or wax pencils, or markers which will be transformed into a circular badge that you will be able to pin on your bag or your favourite shirt. 
Bagel Heureux is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal who graduated from Concordia’s Fine Arts program. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits both individual and collective around Montreal, such as Eastern Bloc, l’Artothèque, and le Centre d’Art Diane-Dufresne. Beyond painting, she is also an illustrator and author who, since 2011, has released hundreds of minipoems under the pseudonym Licorne en fleurs folles. She can currently be found working out of her studio space in the screenprinting studio Atelier Gymnase in Montreal.
5-7pm Beading with Cedar, Cedar-Eve Peters
beading workshop (limited capacity)

Learn how to make a simple "daisy stitch" bracelet or necklace with Cedar Eve! (supplies supplied, but are limited).

Cedar-Eve Peters is an Anishinabae (Ojibway Nation) artist and artisan originally from Toronto. She received her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2012 where she focused on drawing and painting. She has painted murals in Peru and Canada, and is known for her brightly coloured beaded jewelry. She can also be found helping individuals with their own beading projects at the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at Concordia. She is interested in exploring Indigenous identity in the 21st century. Her artwork is contemporary but rooted in ancestral knowledge.


Image : Daniela Madrid, 2017

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