Walk the Alley - Day 1

Friday, June 16, 2017


Le Mile End s’articule is articule’s annual summer outdoor community arts festival, held in the alley next to the centre, during the famous ROTATION! ROTATION! garage sale. 
For this summer’s edition, with the support of the Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal, the garage sale itself serves as inspiration for a weekend of eco-friendly textile art and design. Around the theme of re-use, re-invention, and recycling, festivities will include a fashion show, a day of workshops and activities, an outdoor art installation, music, fun, a bar and food!



Friday, June 16, 2017

Debby Friday
rose golde

4-7 pm Tisser son quartier, Atelier PocWoc
public art installation and intervention
workshop from 4pm to 4:30pm 
7-8 pm Wearable Art + Fashion Show
Sinz Bal
Krabe x Bagel Heureux
Maison B L C K M S S N
Tess Kuramoto & Lucas Larochelle




4-7pm Knitting your Community, Atelier PocWoc
public art installation and intervention (workshop from 4pm to 4:30pm) 
With the interactive installation Knitting your Community, we are inviting neighbours of all ages to participate in the creation of collective art pieces through a simple act: KNOTTING! We have sculptures ready to be dressed and hope that you will give it your special touch. The final pieces will be donated to neighbourhood organisations to decorate our community spaces.
Atelier PocWoc is a collective of multidisciplinary, multiethnic artist-architects dedicated to pushing the boundaries between art and architecture. Through design, we hope to build our practice responsibly from a foundation that centers the values of sharing and community.  
7-8pm Wearable Art + Fashion Show
Francis Stein by Sinz Bal
Les chats carrés by Krabe x Bagel Heureux
Immigrant Smells by Maison B L C K M S S N
Re:action by Tess Kuramoto & Lucas Larochelle
La Collectionneuse by 3_3_4_7
“Okay, so” by Sumwut


Francis Stein
Sinz Bal

An eclectic collection melding high end minimalism with discarded materials. The result: a carefree exploration of 2017 fast fashion.
Sinz Bal loves art and her favorite art is the kind that makes you laugh. She has worked as a researcher in clinical psychology and is a recent graduate of the LaSalle College Fashion Design program. Her work has an introspective quality, and seeks to communicate that life shouldn't be taken so seriously.


Les chats carrés
Krabe x Bagel Heureux

Organic cotton camisoles with motifs illustrated by Bagel Heureux and designed by Krabe, each screen-printed by hand at Atelier Gymnase in Montreal.
Virginie Roy is a freelance graphic artist and the creative force behind her own design firm KRABE. She has a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and media from l’Universtité du Québec à Montréal (2013), with an attestation de spécialisation professionnelle en lancement d’entreprise (ASP). She’ll be starting her Master’s degree in Design next fall.
Bagel Heureux is a multidisciplinary artist from Montréal who graduated from Concordia’s Fine Arts programme. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits both solo and group around Montreal, notably at Eastern Bloc, l’Artothèque, and le Centre d’Art Diane-Dufresne. Beyond painting, she is also an illustrator and author who, since 2011, has released hundreds of minipoems under the pseudonym Licorne en fleurs folles. She can currently be found working out of her studio space in the screenprinting studio Atelier Gymnase in Montreal.
Immigrant Smells
Maison B L C K M S S N
The Immigrant Smells collection is about the ups and downs of blending in and out in a foreign place. It’s the local’s perception of the other, and the other’s perception of what’s local. It’s a celebration of being who we are, how we got here, and where we are going.
Maison B L C K M S S N is a collaboration between Fashion Designer Nadia Bunyan and Art Director Nik Brovkin. Our brand is focused on the individuals who define themselves by their own actions and beliefs rather than appearances. MBM is an offbeat high end street wear uniform for those who stand up.
Tess Kuramoto & Lucas Larochelle
Re:action is a speculative garment design and visual investigation of the interactions between clothing, the body and the built and natural environment. Through the addition of an internal wire structure the garment becomes an endlessly malleable form, transforming in response to the wearer’s movements or manipulations and through contact with external forces. Re:action embeds the ‘traces’ of interaction into its ever-evolving form, creating a feedback loop between the garment, the body and the environment that encourages the wearer to embrace unpredictability and move towards symbiotic negotiations.
Tess Kuramoto is a multidisciplinary designer who holds a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Design from Concordia University in Montreal. Her practice focuses on speculative and critical design as a way to question social norms within contemporary culture and uses design to create/propose alternative narratives for possible futures outside of our current realities. She is also a co-founder of Future Fictions, a collective that curates speculative design art exhibitions in Montreal and beyond. 

Lucas LaRochelle is a multidisciplinary designer invested in using design as a tool to critique contemporary culture while simultaneously providing possible alternatives. Their work uses clothing, body sculpture, and physical computing as a means of examining and manipulating the interactions between body and space. A firm believer in the necessity of imagining utopia, their work engages with the problems of the ‘here and now’ in order to probe and populate the future.
La Collectionneuse 

This small collection is based on my love of found objects and materials. Using recycled fabrics and pre-existing garments is very much about being open and intuitive and letting the material and it's nostalgia guide me. This imbues each piece I make with it's own feeling and story. It is my quiet and determined rebellion against ready made garments and micro trends in the world of fast and disposable fashion.

3_3_4_7 (Courtney Pedersen) was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. In 2009 she began studies in textiles at Kootenay School of the Arts. Upon finishing, Courtney focused on clothing design. She’s worked with performers, does creative editorials, and works on her own line, s3ttl3r creating one of a kind garments with recycled materials. Courtney is interested in fashion and how it can go beyond the everyday wearability of clothes into broader contexts and what this might communicate.
“Okay, so”

“Okay, so” is an exploration of texture, colour and embellishment in textiles. The costumes are eccentric and performative, constructed from found and recycled clothing.
Kelsey Wilson (Sumwut) is a visual artist whose practice largely focuses on fibre sculpture and narrative textile art. Influenced by bold colourscapes and domestic craft, Kelsey’s work explores the clumsiness of interpersonal interactions and intrapersonal reflection. Through the use of both humoristic and contemplative imagery and text, her fibre illustrations and wearable art are honest attempts at expressing the absurdity of life and navigating its everyday situations.

Image : Daniela Madrid, 2017
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