Slide Projection Night: Magic Lantern VI

Friday, August 24, 2018 - 7:00pm

Join us for our sixth annual Magic Lantern, where 21 artists and audience members witness together unedited, unrevealed work that neither audience nor the artists have seen before.

Magic Lantern is a one-night only event that plays on old kindred gatherings around the slide projector. This past spring, participants shot a roll of slide film and submitted their unprocessed rolls. In developing and mounting them we reveal the photos for the first time, night of.

Vulnerability is thus celebrated in a multitude of ways, where everyone confronts their own challenges, perfectionism, perception of themselves as creators, and attachment to control in a supportive, fabricated space. We find beauty in unexpected places, where unseen “mistakes” or errors would normally be omitted. This encourages the audience and artists to together reconsider aesthetics and subjectivity: appreciation may be found in work that would otherwise be excluded from public view.

By inviting folks from professional, emerging and non-artist backgrounds, we bridge an often visible gap in the artist community. We further fill this gap by inviting artists and audience members to experience the show together, and to take part in the courage and tenderness of this one-night gathering. 


Doors: 6:30pm  Show: 7:00pm

Free and open to all. 

articule's gallery is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp at the entrance of the building. The bathroom is partially accessible to persons using a wheelchair; please also note there is only one support bar.


Participants include:

Corie Waugh
Janie Gagné
Jackson Palmer
Brileigh Hardcastle
Mackenzie Lad
Phil Mercier
Kensey Crane
Maya Stewart Pathak
Lise Latreille
Francesca Tallone
Kaiza Graham
Daniela Madrid
Colin Courtney
Dóra Hrund Gísladóttir 
Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
Mischa Greig
Anne-Laure Pérus
Nisha Platzer
Georgia Graham
Sam Montabetti
Arthur Sharman
+ Music by DJ James Lindsay Buckingham Player

Mischa Greig
Georgia Graham
Kensey Crane

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