Salsa & Salsa with Gil Sanchez

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 7:00pm

Salsa & Salsa with Gil Sanchez.


articule invites you to an evening of salsa dancing and salsa snacking in the gallery. Dance instructor, Gil Sanchez, will offer a one-hour salsa dancing lesson, introducing participants not only to the basics of salsa but also to “what we can do with our bodies and what we can discover with our own innate rhythm. Technically, this is for beginners but all levels are welcome to join us. Even a more advanced Salsa dancer can benefit from reviewing the basics. Foot and figure patterns will be introduced and the purpose will be to see how these are connected to the music you hear. Since Salsa is a social dance, we will also cover the dynamics and the sense of how to move with another person. The speed of learning and execution will be determined by the speed of progression of the group.” - Gil Sanchez, dance coach.


Whether you are a participant or a wall-flower/ observer, salsa, chips and quesadilla will keep you fueled for the evening!


COST: $5

FOOTWEAR: any comfortable shoes for you to move on the floor.  

A BIG THANK YOU TO: Gil Sanchez for facilitating the dance lesson, La Tamalera for donating salsa and chips and to Ed Janzen, member of articule and our quesadilla chef for the evening!



Gil Sanchez, dance coach.

Bio: Born in Manila, Philippines, Gil Sanchez started dancing (folk) on stage at age 5, teaching at age 16. In 1983, he formed a dance group in college and performed with local celebrities on TV and stage. Gil moved to Montreal in 1987 and in 1989 started training in and teaching American-style social dance at Dance World of Tomorrow. With the rising popularity of salsa in the early 90s, he left the school system and started teaching independently. Gil has taught and mentored multiple local dancers, including some who have gone on to open their own dance schools. He is the Project Coordinator of the Montreal Salsa Convention from 2005 up to the present.


 “It’s dancing, no pressure.”


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