MMV: Emergency Landing - Day 2

Friday, April 7, 2017


4pm - Intervention IV: Wood Land School

Meet at 4pm at SBC Gallery for a guided tour of Wood Land School, followed by a discussion with some of the members.


5-6pm - Intermission III


6pm - Intervention V: The Clap Back Presents: Landing(s) pt. 1, Nènè Myriam Konaté  

This Clap Back session marks the beginning of a two-part series in tandem with Womb Cxre. We will discuss landing(s). How does language land on your body? How does your body collide with and land on other bodies? How does/did your body land on Tiohtià:ke? What ripples do these landings send across Turtle Island and throughout the world? Share your experience(s) of landing(s) as we discuss the ancestral baggage we carry from one landing to another and collectively imagine futurities.

Nènè Myriam Konaté is the founder and creative director of The Clap Back, a space to informally discuss everything from pop culture phenomena to divisive political issues. Nènè is also a co-founder of CC:MTL (Collective Culture: Montreal), an interdisciplinary and intergenerational festival featuring parties, performances and conversations that celebrate BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) voices.


8-8:30pm - Intermission IV


8:30pm - Intervention VI: Hamidou Diop, Kaie Kellough

Hamidou Diop is the name of a famous, albeit minor, character in Québec literature. Diop was a Senegalese double-agent known for a brief appearance in the 1967 novel Prochain épisode. This intervention, named after the character, will re-imagine Diop’s role in the novel. The narrative will be recorded. The recorded voices will be layered into an ambient electronic soundscape and will become a live, performed, narrative installation. The performance will be followed by a discussion. 

Kaie Kellough is a word-sound systemizer. He is the author of two collections of poetry, two sound-recordings, and the novel Accordéon (ARP Books, 2016). Kaie’s writing and audio have appeared in journals in Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Recent work has been anthologized in BAX Online (Best American Experimental Writing, 2015, Wesleyan University Press). Kaie’s performances originate in language, incorporate electronic sound, and design a sonic ecosystem in which narrative and vocal utterance can flourish. 


Participating artist(s): 
Kaie Kellough
Nènè Myriam Konaté
Wood Land School
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5pm - Intervention I: Orientation, Fabulous Committee

Join the participants and organizers for the official launch of the 5th edition of Montreal Monochrome as well as an orientation on Emergency Landing.

articule's Fabulous Committee develops anti-oppression strategies to make the centre more inclusive and culturally diverse, this includes the artists we present through our programming as well as our internal structure (members, board, staff).


Thursday, April 6, 2017

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