Mile End s'articule 2016 Program

Friday, June 24, 2016 to Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mile End s’articule 2016
As part of the 10th edition of Rotation! Rotation!
In the alley next to articule


17h - 20h    DJ’s

Jaclyn Kendall
music to drink a mojito by the pool to

Zoë Christmas
Hamilton All-Star

20h - 21h    Readings presented by Metatron

Readings by Frankie Barnet, Kalale Dalton Lutale, Madeleine Maillet, Alex Manley, Robert Martin, Fawn Parker, Cason Sharpe & Chalsley Taylor.

Metatron is a Montreal-based publisher of contemporary literature. Rescuing human emotions since 2014.


21h30 - 22h30    Montreal Envisions: Screening of shorts presented by Animate Concordia & CFF

“Montreal Envisions” features work by Montreal filmmakers: animation and live-action films with the theme of “Beginnings”. The films were curated by Catherine Slilaty, a student in Film Animation at Concordia University and member of Animate Concordia who has recently curated the VISIONS screening - which aimed to feature work by LGBTQIA student directors worldwide - as part of this year’s edition of the Concordia Film Festival.

This screening will feature films by local Montreal film-makers all relating to various aspects of the theme Beginnings, including a sweet and quirky slice of childhood in Sparky Ketchup by Lori-Malepart Traversy, an earnest look at self-discovery, acceptance and love in Sapphicisms by Geena Papini, and a visually striking depiction of a Mongolian cultural tradition in Tears of Inge by Alisi Telengut. The latter part of the screening will be a presentation of Ambivalently Yours, a film titled after the persona of the anonymous director, which explores feminism, concepts of femininity, art and friendships.   

The CFF aims to showcase films by Concordia students while also providing a platform for students outside the school to show their films, and most importantly share the art of film with the local community and beyond.

“Montreal Envisions”:

Trapped in the Womb by Daniel Sterling-Altman
Sparky Ketchup by Lori Malépart-Traversy
The Phone Card by Brenda Marina Lopez Zepeda
Grow by Annie Amaya
Host by Kyle Schuster
Moment by Daniela Monzon Leotaud & Anna Maria Mouradian
Somewhere in Between by Martine Frossard  
Tears of Inge by Alisi Telengut
Sapphicisms by Geena Papini 
Ambivalently Yours by Ambivalently Yours



11h - 12h    Flower Arranging - Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik

Working with flowers, found grasses and other urban plants, we will create flower and plant arrangements together, experimenting with this aesthetic art and getting to know the particular qualities of plants and how to best display them. A variety of plants will be supplied, but feel free to bring some of your own from home or that you gather on the street. B.Y.O.V (Vase) or find a vessel for your arrangements among the plethora of objects available at Rotation! Rotation!

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik is a Montreal-based artist who makes installation, video, and photography. He is avid gardener and member of articule since 2011.


11h - 13h    Pom Pom Workshop 1 - Megha Sharma Sehdev

The workshop will teach children and adults the basics of pom-pom making using recycled materials such as strips of clothing, yarn, and paper. After about 45 minutes of making simple pom-poms, we will transition to advanced techniques. This will involve producing multi-coloured pom-poms, with variable textures, and mapping abstract pom-pom designs on paper before making them. 

Megha Sharma Sehdev is a PhD student studying cultural anthropology who has conducted extensive fieldwork in India. Recently she explored the role of crochet and knitting in the lives of women in working-class neighbourhoods of New Delhi. In her spare time she likes to work with mixed media crafts.


11h - 15h    Face à Face - Ian Langohr  

Participants can arrange and wear a giant mascot head that allows them to change its features. They can use their imagination to create a creature using additions such as an elephant trunk, ram horns, frog eyes and bird wings. 

Born in the Niagara region of Ontario, Ian Langohr graduated from the Sculpture and Installation program at OCAD in 2008. His pursuits led him to develop skills in mascot fabrication which he explores in both his personal and commissioned work today.


12h - 14h    Mend & Make Well - Jessica Vallenga

Mend & Make Well is a community collaborative public mending project. All are welcome to bring items in need of simple mending and repair, which the artist will repair, for free, using traditional hand sewing, darning, knitting and crochet techniques. This sustainable practice allows her to teach historic traditions of fabric craftsmanship and repair to the public, while also offering a gift of mending.

Jessica Vellenga’s artistic practice is grounded in community collaboration, which combines art, craft, and activism through textile arts and the community; facilitating community collaborative textile arts, embroidery, knitting, yarn bombing workshops. She has exhibited her artwork and design in Canada (Whitehorse, Calgary, Hamilton, and Toronto) and the United Kingdom (Leeds). She currently resides in Montreal.


12h - 16h    Une œuvre pour emporter - Morgane Duchêne Ramsay 

The artist will have prepared small unique works of art with fabric using a variety of techniques: patchwork, embroidery, silkscreen printing, weaving. She will offer to sow on the spot these works on people’s clothing with her sewing machine. The idea is to offer to people a work of art which they will keep with them, to situate the artistic experience in an exchange and in the common use of objects, using the concept of a souvenir that we procure ourselves to remember a defining event. 

Morgane Duchêne Ramsay works as an artist and a seamstress. Her artistic practice and her trade influence each other so that her work often reflects the dichotomy between art and utility. With both her performative installations and her sewing services, she intends to create environments that put emphasis on an exchange of services, knowledge and ideas.


12h - 17h    Neighbourhood Windows - Florencia Sosa Rey
Drifting in residential neighbourhoods and gazing through windows, strangers glimpse into the internal universes of homes that are not theirs. In homage to the wanderer's curiosity, passersby will be invited to build miniature objects inspired by things they have seen through other people’s windows or what could be noticed through their own.

Florencia Sosa Rey obtained her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal in 2015. Her practice includes exploring a wide array of materials consisting of drawing, textiles, sound and video performance culminating in the creation of conversation and participation. Through this approach, Florencia's work integrates the other - the viewer - in the process of making.


13h - 15h    Pom Pom Workshop 2 - Becca Love

The Pom Pom workshop is geared towards children and people of all ages. Using recycled styrofoam plates, hangers, yarn and scissors, we can create decorative mobiles for young kids, or accessories for everyone. The artist will provide clips for those who wish to make their pom poms into hair clips, keychains, or pin them to hats. The artist will show everyone how they can use them to decorate art, make garlands for parties or decorations, or make fashionable accessories.

Becca Love is a cruelty-free crafter who is fueled by a sense of urgency to create change. The work of this intersectional feminist explores human and animal liberation, merging politics with ethical aesthetic. Becca creates handmade clothing, queer dating zines, music, video projects and magical vegan recipes.


13h - 17h     Photo Booth - Laurence Philomene 

People will be able to pose in front of a backdrop with cute natural props to have candid portraits of themselves be taken and shared on social media.

Laurence Philomene is a 22 year old freelance photographer and curator living in Montreal. Laurence was mentored by Ivan Shaw (executive photo director at Vogue), is the Curator of the Coven Collective & Camp Gallery, and works around themes of femininity, identity, softness & color theory.


14h - 17h    DJ’s

DJ Tender
everybody dance now

DJ Bad Gemini
nice day today

14h - 17h    Spin, spin - Dreamweavers

Participants will build a spindle from recycled CDs. All material supplied. We will demonstrate the use of a spindles and drop spindle technique. After a short instruction participants can spin their own yarn using fleece and found/recycled materials, like natural grasses. The spindle and wool are free to the participant, or they can add the wool they produce to a communal weave. A semi-portable loom will be on site.

Dreamweavers are a group of five fibre artists out of La Ruche d’art St-Henri. They host a fabric lab day every Sunday.


15h - 17h    Moss Garden Making - Hannah Materne 

Create your own mini boreal forest landscape! Local mosses have been sourced from the Montreal area with care for landscape and species. This workshop will cover conservation, maintenance and aesthetic concerns in moss garden making. Family friendly, please bring your own dish to build your garden. (Ideal dish is: 9”x9”, deep with vertical or inward-sloping sides and drainage holes. Ideal would be bonsai tree pots, or a ceramic baking dish. Get creative!)

Hannah Materne will graduate in June 2016 with a BFA in Design from Concordia University. Her work is deeply influenced by her experience at her family cottage in Ontario, and concerns itself with changes to the built environment from this island to the city, from nature to culture. Her work is poetic, accessible and deliberate.

17h - 19h    Book Launch: Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal

articule is pleased to announce the publication of Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal, co-edited by the Artifact Institute and Kerri Flannigan. The publication expands on the Public forum on the status of electronic equipment in Montreal, co-produced in 2012 by articule and the Artifact Institute. Contributors include Amber Berson, the Artifact Institute, Vincent Bonin, Jeremy Bouchez, Claudia Déméné and Anne Marchand, Christina Harlanove, Yves Laporte, Bogdana Lupas-Collinet, Alex Megelas, [The User] and James Wallbank.


Image : Flora Hammond, 2016

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