Book Launch: Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal

Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 5:00pm

articule is pleased to announce the publication of Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal, co-edited by the Artifact Institute and Kerri Flannigan.

The 128-page Perspectives anthology responds to the ever-increasing amount of electronic equipment that is perceived as obsolete, valueless or disposable. Contributors from diverse disciplines including ecology, waste management, technology activism and contemporary art bring their expertise to bear on  the consumption, use, obsolescence, disposal and repair and re-use of electronic equipment.  

Perspectives’ hybrid approach to these topics will be of interest to both general and specialized readers negotiating the cultural, environmental and social impacts of contemporary technology. 

Essays, projects and resource materials highlight approaches and practices that question  consumption patterns and propose alternative approaches to using technology. Case studies and local contexts from Montreal are related to issues and initiatives across industrialized societies.

Perspectives on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal expands on the Public forum on the status of electronic equipment in Montreal, co-produced in 2012 by articule and the Artifact Institute.

Contributors include Amber Berson, the Artifact Institute, Vincent Bonin, Jeremy Bouchez, Claudia Déméné and Anne Marchand, Christina Harlanove, Yves Laporte, Bogdana Lupas-Collinet, Alex Megelas, [The User] and James Wallbank.

A PDF version of Perspectives will be made available under a Creative Commons license at the e-Artexte digital repository.

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Institut de l'artéfact (Montréal)

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