Black Radical Imagination

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:00pm

7 pm - Screening followed by a discussion with Jheanelle Brown and Kamau Wainaina.

Black Radical Imagination is a film showcase programmed by Jheanelle Brown and Darol Olu Kae, and is originally co-founded by Erin Christovale and Amir George.

Black Radical Imagination stems from a series of discussions around the boundaries and limitations that are historically given to people of color. The filmmakers and artists in this year's program unflinchingly contend with Black suffering, resist spectacle and render traumatic histories, both personal and collective, without reinforcing the violence of the past. The screening will include a discussion with the audience members and feature curators to further understand the stories that are being presented.

Jheanelle Brown is a film curator, producer, and arts educator based in Los Angeles. Her curatorial practice is committed to empowering Blackness in visual and filmic media. She is a graduate of USC's Cinema & Media Studies MA program.

Kamau Wainaina (1997) is a Kenyan multidisciplinary artist based in New York City, specialising in Film & Photography. Wainaina has lived and attended school in England and the Netherlands before attending NYU Tisch's Kanbar Institute of Film & Television where he is currently a Junior. Given his sporadic upbringing, much of Wainaina's work has a particular focus on third-culture identity and blackness - specifically its malleability and relativity depending on familial and societal environments.

Darol Olu Kae is a filmmaker, film curator and doctoral student from and based in Los Angeles. He currently attends USC’s Cinema & Media Studies PhD program where his research explores Black visual and expressive culture in relation to the institutionalization of film education and training in the American university system and beyond.

Participating artist(s): 
Amelia Umuhire
dana washington
Jenn Nkiru
Kamau Wainaina
Ephraim Asili
Alima Lee
Jheanelle Brown
Darol Olu Kae

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