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Opening: Little Egypt Doesn’t Dance Here Anymore
Opening: Little Egypt Doesn’t Dance Here Anymore  |  01/25/2019 - 19:00

It is with great pleasure that articule invites you to the opening reception of the exhibition Little Egypt Doesn’t Dance Here Anymore by Nahed Mansour (Toronto).

An artist talk with the artist will take place the following day, Saturday January 26, at 3pm.

Free and open to all.

articule's gallery is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp at the entrance of the building. The bathroom is partially accessible to persons using a wheelchair; please also note there is only one support bar.

Exhibitions       Little Egypt Doesn’t Dance Here Anymore
Streets of Cairo - Middle East, Nahed Mansour, 2016
19:00 - EST
Artist Talk: Nahed Mansour
Artist Talk: Nahed Mansour  |  01/26/2019 - 15:00

As part of the exhibition Little Egypt Doesn't Dance Here Anymore, articule is pleased to present an artist talk with Nahed Mansour (Toronto). 

Nahed Mansour is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and curator. Working in video, installation and performance, her works typically draw on visual archives to highlight the relationship between entertainment, labour and processes of racialization and gendering. In using found images and found footage in her work, Mansour seeks to draw attention to the reproduction of social hierarchies by means of seemingly innocent forms of entertainment.

Free and open to all. 

The discussion will take place in English with whispered French translation available.

articule's gallery is...
Discussion and Workshops       Little Egypt Doesn’t Dance Here Anymore
Importing Little Egypt, Nahed Mansour

15:00 - EST
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arrow_rightDiscussion with Sam Kinsley, Erin Manning, and Brian Massumi
09/13/2012 - 19:00

On an informal tone, this discussion will cross research of Sam Kinsley, who is currently exhibiting the project Mass at articule, with those of philosopher Brian Massumi and arstist and philosopher Erin Manning.Sam Kinsley is a installation artist currently based out of Halifax.  She received her Fine Arts Degree  from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, in 2010, and has participated in exhibitions on both the East and West coast of Canada. Sam Kinsley is presently collaborating with fellow Halifax artist Daina Tavenier on the General - a roaming installation creating public...  - Mass | Discussion and Workshops
13 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  

arrow_rightDiscussion with Carl Trahan and Michael Cowan
03/15/2012 - 19:00

Carl Trahan’s recent work draws inspiration from the writings of German-Jewish philologist Victor Klemperer (1881-1960), who survived the Shoah in one of the last ’Jewish houses’ in Dresden. After the Second World War, Klemperer’s critical observations on the ideological underpinnings of language were published as LTI: Lingua Tertii Imperii, or “The Language of the Third Reich”, one of the most compelling accounts on the power of man to corrupt language. Words acquire meaning through context. By bringing them into drawings and objects, Trahan extracts...  - Tous les mots nécessaires | Discussion and Workshops
12 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  
image: Mona Sharma, Air India (detail), 2010

arrow_rightNarrative: how to use your powers in an ethical fashion with Mona Sharma and Afshin Matlabi
01/14/2012 - 16:00

This discussion will focus on Mona Sharma’s ongoing series The Loss and Reclamation of Faith, currently on exhibition at articule.  Mona Sharma and Afshin Matlabi will look at how the ability to transmit stories affects both artistic practice and daily life. They will examine research by other artists and the various narrative forms present in the work of Mona Sharma.The discussion will be held in English. French translation will be available upon request. Mona SharmaAs a Montrealer whose family emigrated from India in the early 80s, the duality of my cultural background has...  - Discussion and Workshops
07 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  

arrow_rightDiscussion with Barry Doupé and Jessica MacCormack
03/18/2011 - 19:00

Discussion with Barry Doupé and Jessica MacCormack as part of the exhibition Whose Toes. Barry Doupé (b. Victoria, BC) is a filmmaker living in Vancouver. He holds a Bachelor of Media Arts Degree from Emily Carr University. His films have been screened throughout Canada and Internationally including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, New York, Lyon Contemporary Art Museum, Pleasure Dome, Toronto and the Tate Modern, London.   Working with animation, video, painting, drawing, installation and intervention, Jessica MacCormack's interdisciplinary...  - Discussion and Workshops
15 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  

arrow_rightDiscussion with Martha Langford and Greg Staats
01/14/2011 - 19:00

Discussion with Martha Langford and Greg Staats as part of the exhibition Condolence. Greg Staats (b. Ohsweken, Ontario) is a photographer and video artist whose works combine language, mnemonics and the natural world. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions at the Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Gallery, Walter Philips Gallery, Banff, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Mercer Union, Gallery TPW, Toronto. Group exhibitions include : Ottawa Art Gallery, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art. Greg Staats is...  - Condolence | Discussion and Workshops
15 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  

arrow_rightDiscussion with Kristi Ropeleski and Edwin Janzen
11/14/2010 - 15:00

Discussion about the exhibition Blue Skies with Kristi Ropeleski and Edwin Janzen. Kristi Ropeleski is a Montreal based artist. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally over the span of the past 10 years in diverse venues such as The Philoctetes Center for the Study of the Imagination in New York city and at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art. She has studied at Dawson College, Concordia University and holds a Master's degree in Visual Arts from York University in Toronto. She is a member of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dawson College and The Visual Arts Center. ...  - Blue Skies | Discussion and Workshops
15 Dec 2013   |   [comment_count]  


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