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annual PROGRAMMING 2014-2015


articule is an artist-run centre dedicated to the dissemination of a broad range of contemporary art practices with a particular interest in social engagement, interdisciplinarity and artistic experimentation.

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, articule is reaffirming self-directed management (DIY) as one of its founding principles and making it the backbone of its 2014-2015 programming. Even though the word sounds rather administrative and resonates little with pleasure, self-directed management is a radical position, which states that a community of individuals can take charge of their own organization and implement non-hierarchical structures. In our time when professional management infiltrates every sphere of society while around the world movements get organized in opposition to the concentration of political and economic power in a few hands, self-management appears to many as a necessity, a principle to defend, and a formidable force.

We invite artists, collectives and curators to develop projects exploring alternative modes of organization, either in their own way of working or through the subjects they address. Self-directed management is to be taken in its broadest sense, by its principles (autonomy, transparency...), its various shapes (anarchist community, self-sufficiency...), and the questions it raises regarding freedom and servitude, the localization of authority, modes of dialogue, and forms of social cohesiveness. Your views will be historical or utopian, political or poetic, revolutionary or skeptical...

Prior to sending a proposal, we invite you to consult our website for current and recent exhibits, our mandate, gallery images and floor plan. articule respects CARFAC standards in payment of artists fees.



Proposals must include:
• description of the project, specifying spatial, technical needs and relationship to your practice (max. 2 pages);
• curriculum vitae;
• supporting material (including one or more of the following):
- maximum of 20 digital images, clearly identified;
- maximum of 10 min. of video (excerpts or complete works) clearly identified. (Please don’t send video documents via email. To share video documentation, integrate links to Vimeo or YouTube to your submission. If you create a private account, please be sure to indicate the access password.);
- a website;
- any other document you consider pertinent to your submission;
- a descriptive list for the visual material (title, date, dimension, medium).

Please comply with the following guidelines when sending your documents:
• Your submission should be contained in one email of a maximum size of 10 MB;
• Your documents should be compatible with Mac, Window and Linux;
• JPEG format suggested, images should not exceed 500 KB or 1024 x 768 pixels;
• Identify each image with a number and a title corresponding to the descriptive list;
• Please do not send originals;
• We encourage submissions via email, but you can send your proposal by mail if you prefer to do so.

Please send your submission to:




special projects 2013-2014


For over ten years, articule has been presenting public interventions, live art projects, happenings, new artistic practices, as well as public talks, workshops, video/film screenings, etc. through its special projects programming. This year, we invite artists and people working in other fields to question with us what is undisciplinarity today. How, by example, do we draw the line between art and community or activist projects, between aesthetic, political, scientific, or philosophical research? How are these limits transgressed? Projects can happen at the gallery, online or off site. We are also open to collaborations with other organisations. In order to respond quickly to proposed initiatives, the committee will meet regularly throughout the year to review submissions.


Support by articule for special projects can take many forms: promotional and logistic support, access to the center’s equipment, administrative infrastructure, venue, and financial support (up to a maximum of $500). People with an idea they would like to discuss and develop further with the committee are also invited to do so.




Proposals must include:
- curriculum vitae
- a clear description of the project (max. 2 pages)
- a global budget with details on how articule’s support will be used

Visual support material
- supporting material (including one or more of the following)
- maximum of 20 digital images (on CD) or slides, clearly identified
- maximum of one DVD (max.10 min.), clearly identified
- a website
- any other document you consider pertinent to your submission
- a descriptive list for the visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)
- a self-addressed, sufficiently pre-stamped envelope if you want your
supporting material to be sent back to you


If you submit digital images please comply with the following guidelines: - compatible with MacIntosh OS 10.4 and OS 10.5
- jpeg format suggested, do not exceed 1 MB or 1024 x 768 pixels
- identify each image with a number and a title corresponding to the descriptive list

Please note that email applications are not accepted.
Dossiers that are not claimed or not pre-stamped will not be kept.



For information about how to apply to host an event at articule please contact us by telephone at 514 842 9686 or by email at