Exhibition documentation by Kelly Richardson

Kelly Richardson (newcastle, uk)

Exiles of the Shattered Star

08/09/07 - 06/10/07

Part of Mois de la Photo à Montréal

Vernissage: sat 08/09/07 at 4pm
Discussion with the artist: thurs 13/09/07 at 5:30pm

Exhibition documentation by Therese Mastroiacovo

Thérèse Mastroiacovo (Montréal)

Art Now

12/10/07 - 11/11/07

Vernissage: fri 12/10/07 at 7pm

Discussion with the artist: sun 11/11/07 at 4pm

Exhibition documentation by David Armstrong Six

David Armstrong Six (Montréal)

No Refunds

23/11/07 - 22/12/07

Vernissage: fri 23/11/07 at 7pm

Discussion with the artist: sun 02/12/07 at 4pm

Artwork documentation by Peter Flemming

Window exhibition

Peter Flemming (Montréal)

reject / Rejet

30/12/07 - 12/01/08

Closing event: fri 11/01/08 from 5 to 7 pm

artwork documentation by Deidre Logue

Deirdre Logue (Toronto)

Why Always Instead of Just Sometimes

18/01/08 - 17/02/08

Opening: fri 18/01/08 at 7pm at articule

Discussion with the artist: sat 19/01/08 at 5pm at GIV

4001 Berri, #105,

artwork documentation by Nelson Henricks

Nelson Henricks (Montréal)

Map of the City

29/02/08 - 30/03/08

Opening: fri 29/02/08 at 7pm

Discussion with the artist: sun 30/03/08 at 4pm

artwork documentation by Corinne Carlson

Corinne Carlson (Toronto)

arizona topaz / Topaze brûlée

11/04/08 - 11/05/08

Opening: fri 11/04/08 at 7pm

Discussion with the artist: sat 10/05/08 at 3pm

artwork documentation by Blark Market Type and Print Shop

Annual Curatorial Project

The Black Market Type & Print Shop

23/05/08 - 22/06/08

Curator: Joseph Del Pesco (San Francisco)

Presentation/discussion: Saturday 31/05/08 at 3pm

Opening: Saturday 31/05/08 at 5pm

artwork documentation by Corinne Carlson

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summer window project by


03/07/08 - 07/08/08


special projects

Art Hijack (new york)


sat 18/08/07 at 8pm

at articule and La Khaïma


stratégies d'occupation

28/09/07 - 30/09/07

at CDEx Université du Québec à Montréal

Jerôme Guigue (paris)


tues 25/09/07 6pm

as part of the event 11:1/1

at articule

philémon (montreal)

Bingle Jells

29/11/07 - 31/01/08

an electroacoustic project

presented in articule's washroom

L'œil dans L'Front (montreal)

Guérilla d'art

12/2007 - 04/2008

a series of bookmark-making workshops, an exhibition and an intervention

WayUpWayDown (canada)

Titles 3

02/02/08 - 02/03/08

opening: sat 02/02/08 from 5pm to 7pm

at the bookstore L'Écume des Jours, 125 St-Viateur O., Montréal

zoe stonyk (montreal)

Les flâneurs de neige

sun 10/02/08 from 1pm to 5pm

a collaborative snow installation

presented in articule's courtyard

kim waldron (montreal)

The Dad Tapes/ The Mom Photographs

21/03/08 - 11/04/08
opening: Friday March 21 at 7pm
artist talk: Friday April 11 at 6pm; closing party at 7pm

ryan rice (Kahnawake)


in collaboration with ARTEXTE
reception wed 23/04/08 at 5:30pm
research presentation at 6pm

artwork documentation by Corinne Carlson

Michael toppings (montreal)

Single Dwelling monologues

presented as part of Mini Viva!

May 29, 30, 31 at 8pm as well as May 31 and June 01 at 2pm

at 661 Rose de Lima (metro Lionel Groulx)

artwork documentation by Corinne Carlson

gabriela golder (buenos aires)


(in a roundabout way)

a presentation in collaboration with GIV

19/06/08 at 6pm at articule

artwork documentation by Deidre Logue

geneviève rocher (montreal)


an intervention on Mile-end telephone poles
28/06/08 - 11/08/08


artwork documentation by Deidre Logue

sheena hoszko (montreal)


a relational intervention in the city

from July to September 2008


Event documentation

écran libre/OPEN SCREEN

thurs 18/10/07 at 8pm




Les Fleurs du Mal Magazine

magazine launch and fundraiser

wed 19/09/07 at 8pm



Artist + Audience: Languaging art and negotiating language politics, where do we start?

a public conversation in collaboration with

The University of the Streets Café and Art Matters Festival

thu 21/02/08 from 7pm to 9pm at articule

artwork documentation by Corinne Carlson

rotation, rotation!

28/06/08 - 29/06/08

stuff sale, performances, BBQ, fun!